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a Sing Song Yoga™ program for schools

available in 2010.

Sing Song Yoga™ into Schools

Deb Weiss-Gelmi discovered a new niche for Sing Song Yoga™ when she was given the opportunity to share it with over 150 elementary students in Grand Rapids Public Schools.  She received a great deal of positive feedback from teachers and students, including a teacher who was delighted that her students were so ready to learn when returning to the classroom after participating in Sing Song Yoga™.  This program will be a tremendous complement for any elementary school.

Our long awaited Sing Song Yoga™ program for schools is now available through the publisher.

Copyright © 2009 Sing Song Yoga™

Copyright © 2009 Sing Song Yoga™

Copyright © 2009 Sing Song Yoga™

“Using Sing Song Yoga™ in the Classroom: A program that Builds Confidence, Self-Discipline, and Healthy, Stress-Free Attitudes.”

Using Sing Song Yoga™ in the Classroom is a powerful new yoga curriculum for schools and other youth groups. It is used as a supplement to the included Sing Song Yoga™ DVD, which is a children’s yoga program that uses songs to teach the poses.  The DVD teaches the students yoga while the teacher, along with these lessons, uses yoga to teach children about themselves.  The 19 detailed lessons are intended for elementary-age students and have adaptations for different levels where needed.  The lessons range from yoga games, to yoga activities of self-exploration, to yoga sequences for test preparation.  One example of a lesson, “My Strongest Pose,” compares a student’s strongest yoga pose with his or her strongest personal characteristic, taking either an older individual child or a group of younger students through a process of examining one’s self through yoga.  Using Sing Song Yoga™ in the Classroom includes posters, cards, diagrams and worksheets to leave little preparation for the teacher to enjoy sharing these lessons with his or her students.

What people are saying about “Using Sing Song Yoga in the Classroom”:

"Sing Song Yoga offers our kids a peaceful way to redirect their thinking, recharge their bodies, and renew their spirits. When given the choice of ‘electives’ at our school, many students will regularly choose Sing Song Yoga...even in lieu of an outdoor recess. Deb's soothing voice and comforting words make yoga accessible to all kids Kindergarten through 8th grade." -Kelli Gunn, Zeeland Michigan

Kid Quotes:

Cecelia K. age 9

"Sing Song Yoga has helped me get more flexible and it helps me clear my mind so I can be with my body and just feel nice."

Larissa A. age 10

"When I do SSY it gets my homework off my brain so I can float on a cloud."

Grace M. age 9

"When I do Sing Song Yoga it makes it so I’m not thinking of things that stress

me so I feel better."

Lucas H. age 11

"I think SSY is something you should do often when you’re struggling with something or when you’re in a bad mood. I feel like it’s actually fun. When I have a problem I think what kind of yoga should I do."

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